Stage One

Year 2022



The sparkling serpent was a spectacular site when it arrived in our workshops. Made from thousands of LED lights, we were commissioned to create a sturdy steel plinth to raise the 288KG glittering giant above the heads of visitors. 

Standing at a statuesque 6.5m, the piece was fabricated and test built in just 17 days, before our production crew delivered and built the show-piece in Duke of York Square. 

The team started with a test platform to check the configuration, height and gradient of each arm, allowing the serpent to effortlessly drape over its base, before fabrication would begin. The base was constructed from 10 rolled tube steel pillars that were securely fastened together with three steel cuffs, fixed to a cylindrical base with a steel rose. Each pillar branched into a meticulously calculated arch that would hold the moulded framework for the snake using a system of pole band clamps. A cast GRP base, donning the Bvlgari trademark, was wrapped around the infrastructure, providing a high-end finish. 

The piece was commissioned in honour of a new art exhibition, Serpenti Metamorphosis by Refik Anadol, produced by Bulgari for the Saatchi Gallery, London.


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