Stage One

Year 2018

Club Chroma

C2 Artechnolozy
Paradise City, Incheon, South Korea

This nightclub is part of a brand-new entertainment and arts facility at Incheon’s Paradise City resort, providing a highly visual and technologically cutting-edge entertainment experience. We were asked to provide a permanent flying system, delivering theatrical performances from two aerialists and also control of a series of large kinetic lighting effects.

Two 16m ceiling mounted tracks, incorporating a tight radius, ran a single carriage with two winches connected to the performers’ harnesses. Twice nightly, the aerial performers dance slowly through the air, each carriage traversing at 300mm per second, executing choreographed sequences.

The system was controlled by our new Qmotion console and Qmotion software, the power and data transmitted by a power rail running alongside each track. Our system also integrated with some large kinetic lighting features supplied by others including flown colour-changing spheres and two 15-tonne ‘Venetians’; large video spheres flanked by a series of video fins, each moving independently and splitting into a series of horizontal layers.


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