Stage One

Year 2018

Dance Nation

Almeida Theatre

With get-in access restricted to the theatre’s front entrance, this automated set was manufactured with the size and weight of all items carefully considered. The design made ingenious use of a series of periaktoi which, used together or individually, created scene changes and revealed performers.

The set recreated a dance studio, the rear wall comprising a series of nine panels with five triangular periaktoid devices in the centre, a different finish or ‘scene’ on each facade, including a changing room and a toilet cubicle. Fully automated, the five 2.8m high periaktoi revolved both clockwise and anticlockwise, simultaneously or individually. The system was operated using our Galileo control console and Qmotion software which delivered quiet, effortless and elegant rotation at different speeds.

We also made an 18mm sub floor with grooves for LED tape, infills to the front of the stage and traps to the stage floor. A series of five acrylic trophy shelves that ran the full 11m width of the rear and along each side of the set.



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