Stage One

Year 2018

Goodwood – Car of the future

Octagon Agency

The Mastercard Innovation Lab at Goodwood Festival of Speed was all about inspiring the next generation of innovative automotive designers. This year, the centrepiece was the ‘Car of the Future’, designed by Harry aged 6, and manufactured by us.

This was a full-sized concept car that underwent many of the manufacturing processes familiar to a Formula 1 workshop. Taking Harry’s competition-winning sketch, the car was modelled by our CAD team before being machined in high density foam on our large volume 5-axis CNC machine. Our specialist Finishing Team applied an epoxy resin hardcoat, followed by a high-gloss automotive paint finish.

The car features many innovative ideas that highlight the concerns of any 6-year-old. There is somewhere to put your ice cream; a nozzle to suck up dirty air and use it to power the car; and a dispenser issues clothes and food to the homeless. Safety features include a tank of water for extinguishing fires and a plethora of sensors. The car was incredibly well received, our client telling us ”I for one have never experienced such positive feedback from visitors to an experiential activation.”


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