Stage One

Year 2018

The Late Late Show London

Fulwell 73

We manufactured this set for the London-based summer special of The Late Late Show. Installing it for a second season, we created three separate staged areas, a large printed backdrop, scenic elements, lighting features, main header and logo.

The Methodist Central Hall is an imposing venue in an excellent location but comes with a few logistical challenges. Access is via a series of snaking corridors and a single, small lift. It’s also a busy working environment with services and events held several times a week. It was important that the set was manufactured in such a way as to be easily dismantled into components and rebuilt in situ, whilst providing a seamless, high-quality finish.

Three elliptical stages were constructed for the presenter, house band and additional acts. These used a range of finishes including timber effect laminate and checked vinyl. A large back drop of the London skyline was mounted to the rear of the presenter stage, while a free-standing backdrop of gold lattice and decorative pressed metal tiles was installed to the rear of the band stage. Other features included a series of flown LED lighting strips and to the balcony above, a long decorative lighting panel with a box hedge trim.


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