Stage One

Year 2015

Jaguar Experimental Pods

Frankfurt Motor Show & Worldwide

We manufactured three of these experiential pods to take to motor shows across the world. The modular design made them easy to dismantle, freight and install; comprising an inner and an outer shell, each made from six interlocking sections.

Approximately two metres high, each pod stood upon its own base and was attached to the client’s existing exhibition stand with a series of discrete fixings. The GRP outer shell of each Pod was given an aluminium automotive finish while the inner panels were lined with an acoustic foam and fitted with fully integrated sound facilities and a video screen. A CNC’d aluminium trim detail complimented the high-spec finish. An adjustable stool was fitted inside each unit, allowing the visitor to sit and watch immersive video, experiencing the thrill of a Jaguar ride. We also manufactured a range of totems consisting of aluminium posts with laser cut graphics. These were also discretely attached to the client’s existing stand.


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