Stage One

Year 2010

Macallan Lalique Global Fundraising Tour


Still House 2 at the Macallan Whisky Distillery had been out of commission for some time when we were asked to undertake the interpretation fit-out as part of the building’s transformation into a visitor centre and working stillhouse. The development had to fully retain the working identity of the still house building, while adding a layer of interpretation for visitors who would be shown around by a guide.

Continuity and authenticity were important factors within the overall design with elements such as stainless steel pipework, sourced directly from the distillery pipe manufacturers, being visible throughout.

Working for Experience Worldwide and to the designs of Paul Bonomini, we created a series of unique, sculptural yet functional plinths on the themes of Terroir, Water, Barley, Yeast and Enzymes; and Science and History. These were located within the brand new Atrium entrance area, where the tour begins.

Each plinth used materials, props and graphics to evoke relevant sensory experiences whilst lightboxes, plasma screens and AV presentations were used to the rear of each to communicate the relevance of that particular whisky ‘element’. The quality of the build and attention to detail were important as these plinths were to be seen and experienced up close by the visiting public.


Paul Bonomini

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