Stage One

Year 2023

Moncler X Mercedes reveal

Villa Eugenie

For Moncler X Mercedes reveal at London Fashion Week, Stage One manufactured and installed a fitting avant-garde environment for this highly anticipated event.

The 7m revolve was elevated 1.5m above floor level on a series of decking with reinforced legs, calculated by our in-house structural engineer, to accommodate the additional car weight. Our Qmotion operator worked closely with the client and aerialist team to get the correct speed and direction of the car revolve that would work harmoniously with the rest of the scene.

Surrounding the showpiece was a 150m2 mountain range, hand-sculpted from polystyrene with a snowy mixed-medium scenic paint and fabric finish to add to the effect. The front was given a mirrored finish to support the space-age vibe.

Stage One delivered the project in just four weeks and took over an entire hangar during the hand-sculpting process due to the scale of the build. Challenges on site included the high level of discretion and secrecy surrounding the product reveal and the volume of other suppliers on site.


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