Stage One

Year 2023

The Art of All Pavilion, by Roc Nation & Jay-Z

Villa Eugenie
London, UK

We were proud to contribute to The Art of Genius, Moncler 2023 launch. For this culturally inspiring exhibition, we clad the entire pavilion truss structure, created four soundproof recording booths, a DJ stand and plinth for an interactive recording experience starring Mike Dean, Jay Z’s producer.

The pavilion was a basic truss structure which we clad with timber sheeting. The concrete effect finished ply, created by our scenic team using a two layers process using rollers and trowels, was applied to the side of the recording room. On the other, the interactive choir space and the exterior of the pavilion, acoustic spikey foam was used to enhance the futuristic vibe.

The free-standing recording booths were constructed using plywood form work and clad in the scenic effect concrete finished flexible ply on the external face, and acoustic installation was inserted into the cavity walling. The acoustic spikey foam was replicated on the interior of the pods, both a functional and stylistic choice. The DJ plinth was manufactured from timber and finished with carpet for practicality. For cohesion across the space, the timber DJ stand was camouflaged in the acoustic spikey foam to provide a high-end finish.

Due to the nature of this project and soundproof requirements, the build followed the process of a permanent form and was transported in manageable segments for the crew to re-build on site. In addition, on-site time was tight, and the volume of contractors was extensive. The team had to work swiftly around the crew delivering sound and electrics to ensure the project would be ready for the show.

Pavilion produced by Antonia Gammans on behalf of Villa Eugenie.


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