Stage One

Year 2016

Mountain Hardwear Retail Show


This rugged-looking exhibition stand showcased the latest outdoor performance products from Mountain Hardwear at OutDoor 2016, the premier event for the industry and one that attracts visitors from over 40 countries.

The stand was  designed to demonstrate the products in context, the scenic treatment of the walls creating a rock fascia setting for product display. Feature product areas were further enhanced with the placement of sand, stones and plants on-site, all against a dark backdrop of stained ply walls and high impact graphics. We worked closely with Holdens’ design team to test ideas and produce samples for a range of elements including the custom made furniture and inset hologram boxes.

We manufactured the stand in under 3 weeks, our extensive workshops handling multiple projects at any one time, delivering what proved to be a high successful show for our client. We are delighted to be working with them on the next two events in 2017.


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