Stage One

Year 2016

National Day Parade 2016 Singapore

Government of the Republic of Singapore

We provided the flying system and some large scenic elements for this high-profile event held, for the first time, in Singapore’s National Stadium, the largest domed structure in the world.

Our crew installed a catenary flying system in the stadium’s roof which flew up to twenty performers at a time along with large scenic elements. We provided the eight large inflatable boulders, each measuring 7m x 5m x 5m, that parted during the Bandang segment of the show, to reveal the Singapore Stone. The ancient text of the Singapore Stone was recreated with LEDs. Our scenic package also included the tree trunks that appeared to grow from the stage floor, meeting the ‘city in the sky’. The steady, slow appearance of growth was achieved using a system of internal wiring and tethers, gradually releasing as the skin of the trunks was filled with air from fans beneath the stage.


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