Stage One

Year 2019

Mumbai Wedding Celebrations

Any Stage
Jio World Centre, Mumbai

We’ve provided flying systems for ceremonies, shows and events but never before for a wedding. These extraordinary shows were laid on for a high-profile society wedding in India that saw the Ambani family celebrate their son’s marriage in unbelievable style. Over four days, we delivered seven shows, flying eight performers on a four-way bridle and six on spot hoists. Aerial acts included trapeze and silks artists, all performing above a giant fountain and lighting display.

This project was a good exercise in deploying our technology quickly. Turned around in just three weeks, our crew installed the four-way bridle between two crane tower masts. Using Blender-based animations of choreography to inform our macros, we were able to quickly deliver controlled motion for all the aerial set-pieces, with efficient show programming and technical rehearsals.

Our crew of ten worked hard in hot and dusty conditions to ensure clean delivery of all shows to different audiences that included numerous international high-profile celebrities.



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