Stage One

Year 2018

NBCSN Premier League set


Although small, this set for American sports broadcaster NBCSN packs quite a functional punch. Durable as well as being easy to dismantle and reinstall, it’s spent the last few football seasons touring the UK’s Premier League grounds, only recently returning to our workshops for refurbishment.

The set comes in two parts: a studio set and a pitch-side desk for outside broadcasts. Inside, the studio set comprises a main desk, shaped side panels and a row of low, acrylic-topped rear panels. Timber and aluminium composite were used throughout the original construction, the refurbishment seeing us add up-dated logos CNC’d in both acrylic and the composite. The desk top was made in three parts and given a stylish, durable high-quality black gloss paint finish. To the sides, the panels of alternating timber and aluminium composite were lit by concealed LED strips.

Outside, the curved timber and ply base of the mobile desk was given a silver paint finish, a new logo and capped off with a high-quality black gloss top. This time, we made a series of bespoke shipping crates to protect the set for the next few seasons of touring the UK’s Premier League grounds.



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