Stage One

Qatari Ziggurat

Lusail, Qatar

Designed and produced by David Atkins Enterprises, we manufactured this elegant, twisting ziggurat for installation outside the Lusail Sports Complex in Qatar. The structure was built to the same DAE design as the ziggurat cauldron for the 2011 Pan Arab Games.

At 16m high and with a diameter of 10m at the base, the ziggurat tapers in a helter-skelter fashion to 2m at the top. Manufacturing was carried out in our UK workshops where we created the steel sub-structure and our flat-bed laser cutter accurately and speedily created the intricate fretwork for the outer aluminium panels. Durability was an important factor as the ziggurat is to remain on permanent display for 10 to 15 years whilst being subject to the fading and weathering effects of the Qatari sun.

The aluminium fretwork was backed with an opalescent Filon for which we requested a special coating to help minimise environmental deterioration. The Filon also works to subtly diffuse the internal lighting which uses an array of stunning colours to backlight the beautiful fretwork design.



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