Stage One

Year 2020

Real Full Monty

We created three interpretive Christmas trees and stage tops for the ITV show ‘The Real Full Monty On Ice’. This festive edition of the show was filmed in Blackpool and aired in December. We were commissioned to create three spiral ‘trees’ which were crafted from steel and rolled into increasingly tight radii. Standing at approximately 8m tall, these trees were then clad with a gauze that was designed to provide volume and a surface to reflect the show lights.

This was a small but interesting project for us. The CAD design and subsequent execution of this work in our metalshop was superb. Viewed from underneath, each decreasingly radiused tree gave the impression of the golden ratio. Jigging and welding of these elements was done carefully and produced excellent results.

The trees were made up of 108 individually rolled pieces of 38.1mm diameter steel tube. This framework was then clad with approximately 150 running metres of ply and LED and finished with 90 running metres of gauze.

The set was designed by Dominic Tolfts, someone we’ve been lucky enough to work with on other shows including The Voice and Sports Personality of the Year.


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