Stage One

Year 2007

Saab Promotional Pod


A challenging remit to build a promotional pod for Saab provided us with the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to deliver interesting and innovative solutions to a complicated brief. Production agency TRO presented an outline of the look Saab wanted to achieve, along with a build spec and visuals and it was then down to us to work out how best to meet the design challenges that had been laid down.

TRO specified a two-piece structure capable of being brought together to form a seamless, streamlined whole. Each piece needed to weigh less than 1.5 tonnes to enable them to be easily transported and moved into position. In order to correspond with these requirements, we built the sections to overlap with each other at roof level and suggested building the sections out of steel and cladding them in GRP, with a white gloss spray finish.

GRP was chosen as it provides an extremely strong durable finish, an important factor, as the pod was required to have a lifespan of five years. The more complex curved moulds for the grp were made using our 5-axis CNC machine. A car was positioned at one end of the pod and at the other end we built three touch-screen interactive points, enabling visitors to access further information about the car. Built at ergonomic height they were aluminium formed and sprayed white with removable side cladding to allow access. A column mounted plasma screen also ran information about the car. The pod was partly glazed and 3D Saab logos were applied to the glass at either end. Several of the glazed panels also had applied graphics, which we also provided.


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