Stage One

Year 2017

Samsung Infinity Screen


Dealing with unusual shapes is something we do all the time. In fact, projects that ask us to create something square and ‘regular’ are pretty few and far between. This event, at Berlin’s Tempodrom, required a large curved and raked main stage that transitioned seamlessly into an 11m high rear screen. Once covered with a white canvass, the stage and screen created a single projection surface.

The stage was created from a mixture of stock and bespoke staging units, the rear wall comprising twelve specially made curved units topped with 6m high flats. We manufactured a custom ramp for access onto the stage as well as curved and raked fascia for the front of the stage.

With the stage/screen ensemble curving through two planes, the drawing, manufacture and installation came with an added degree of problem solving. Tensioning the canvass correctly on such a surface, without it bellying out, is itself a tricky process requiring careful refinement. This was ably handled by our experienced fit up crew who managed to create a smooth projection surface with tight joins across the entire set up.



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