Stage One

Year 2017

Google Engage Pub Set

SET Live
Convention Centre, Dublin

Recreating this detailed themed environment in all its convivial, worn and beer stained glory gave our scenic team the chance to really show off their prowess.

‘Nicotine’ stained ceiling and walls, a foot-scuffed bar front and upholstery worn by decades of occupancy all featured in this set build of an Irish pub for the Google Engage event. Standard flattage was clad in WISA ply, giving a textured rough-looking surface that was then stained to a dark oak. This was further roughened with belt sanders and grinders to achieve the desired decades of aging and constant use.

A lightweight truss box ‘beamed’ roof spanned the 20m wide set and was hung from the venue’s roof. Walls included detailing such as dado rails and architrave, the ‘glass’ in the double doors using printed perspex to replicate etched glass. On the floor, carpet was aged and worn in line with the ebb and flow of pub traffic over the years. Further elements created in our workshops included CNC-scribed exposed brickwork around the fireplace, banquette seating, stools and tables. Additional props such as bottles, glassware and pictures were supplied by the client and fitted by our crew on site.


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