Stage One

Year 2016

YouTube at Cannes Lions 2016

SET Live

This was our largest build to date at Cannes Lions, where we provided the entire multi-zoned YouTube structure and decking that spanned two beaches, attracting 11,500 attendees over eight days.

Covering 55m by 20m, the build comprised various zones configured in a series of small islands, connected by decking walkways and also by a graphic ‘red thread’ that ran across, over and through the different zones. Key areas included beach volleyball and chill-out zones, demonstration areas, bars and stages. All elements were manufactured in our workshops before being shipped out as a kit of parts. The build consisted of various single storey structural steel elements clad with rough-sawn timber planks, all timber being specially procured in order to meet the French M1 fire rating. A variety of awnings and canopies provided shelter from the hot Cannes sun. The set was stained or painted with various hand-painted style graphics in YouTube red, grey and black. Multiple LED panels of different shapes and sizes were fitted throughout, our crew ensuring all technology was seamlessly integrated.


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