Stage One

Inside the Metal Shop

27 Jul 2018

Our Metal Shop is a real workhorse department at Stage One. The fourteen-strong team deliver the support structures and strength behind most of our work. They also deliver the can-do attitude that enables us to realise an incredible diversity of projects: one week light gauge tubular structures or a sculptural installation, the next a heavy gauge mezzanine or truss frame for a ceremony. As with our Wood Shop, you’ll see plenty of traditional skills – they’re just often deployed in new and unusual ways.


The Metal Shop’s work is usually hidden, concealed behind some form of scenic cladding, out of sight in a stadium roof, or unseen beneath a stage. Sometimes, however, their work sneaks into the spotlight, creating a cloud-like pavilion from 27,000 lengths of steel tubing or intricately welding 1,327 individual, perfectly finished platonic solids for a vast sculpture. Time-served traditional skills bringing amazing creative projects to life.


Recent projects include a sub-assembly for a large event built on the beach at Cannes, complex and intricate steelwork for a pavilion roof, searchlights for a rock group tour and a multi faceted geodesic ‘igloo’.

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