Stage One

Year 2016

Bear Grylls Endeavour Tour

Harvey Goldsmith

We constructed the set and a series of props for this live action show, devised and hosted by Bear Grylls. The show involved a theatrical expedition across the globe using video mapping technology and special effects.

The set was built at an angle of 70 degrees to facilitate it’s use as a climbing wall during various segments of the show. The 10m high rear wall consisted of a series of faceted panels, providing an interesting surface for the projection mapping as well as features such as hand holds and small ledges that enabled Bear Grylls to climb and traverse the set during the show. A retractable section at the top of the set and a flown platform to the rear allowed for the entrance of larger flown scenic elements such as the replica Apollo 13 capsule.

The wall was created in sections, the facets being created from medium density polystyrene using our 5 axis CNC facilities before being hardcoated. Additional props included two traditional sleds, base camp tents and a section of jungle ‘tree’ complete with vines and aeroplane seat.


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