Stage One

Year 2019

Global Village

Open Other End Ltd

This world-leading multicultural festival park in Dubai hosts a multitude of shows and events. We created a mix of scenic and staging items that were used for various shows including ‘Battle for the Block’ and ‘The Enchanted Forest’.

Quick deployment and manoeuvrability were important. We manufactured a steel-framed staircase mounted on pneumatic castors which while easy to move, provided a stable performance area for the energetic urban dance sequences. The staircase was suitably themed, with cast iron railings and chainlink panels, echoing the cityscape and chainlink scenic flats behind.

The large, rustic-looking spinning wheel was made as lightweight as possible. Constructed from tulip wood, the rotating wheel had a hollowed-out core, while a curved component to the rear provided housing for a Cyr wheel used during the performance. The spokes of the spinning wheel were hand-turned by a local wood-turner, adding to the authentic, fairy-tale look. Additional items included a precisely detailed refurbished telephone box, Chinese lanterns and a five-metre high aluminium climbing frame with detachable panels, mounted on a folding octagonal base.


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