Stage One

Year 2019

Two Part Set for NBCSN


We manufactured this touring studio set and pitch-side desk for broadcaster NBCSN for their coverage of the UK Premier League matches. This was the second set we’ve built for the client, creating something durable that is easy to install, dismantle and store as the set tours various football grounds across the UK.

The studio set included a large desk manufactured in three sections. Both wall flats and desk featured smart blue and white NBCSN branding and layered hexagons, all created from MDF. Sections of MDF were built up in layers to add depth, adding to the colourful and vibrant look. To the sides, layered panels and shaped MDF were illuminated with concealed LED strips.

The pitch-side desk had to be lightweight and quick to manoeuvre into position. With this in mind, we created a specially made dolly and cover to protect the desk during transport and storage. The desk was created using the same materials, finish and branding as the studio set. All were made with concealed fixings creating a sleek, professional look.


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